Shafts are manufactured in one piece, which ensures the highest possible level of tightness. At the inlet and outlet sides are ready couplings for PE, PP and PVC smooth or ribbed tubes of various sizes.

Advantages of ROTO shafts

  • Durability, long life, waterproof, resistance,
  • Fast, easy installation, comprehensive solution, adjusting heights
  • Low weight, and therefore they can be easily transported,
  • Resistance to low and high temperatures (-65 C to +85 C), UV stability,
  • We provide service and expert advice in the field,
  • Affordable,
  • Shafts are manufactured from environmentally friendly polyethylene. Possibility of 100% recycling
  • 1. PRIZE international environmental partner,
  • Designed in accordance with European standards,
  • Slovenian product, quick delivery and delivery option.

Shafts compliance with the standards:

  • PrEN 15229: 2055
  • SIST EN 13598-1: 2004
  • PrEN 13598-2: 2005
  • SIST EN 14982-1: 200

Mounting and installation of shafts

Connectiong smooth pipes to the shaft

  1. Cut the prepared bits to the required dimensions,
  2. chamfer the edge of 15 mm at an angle of 30 degrees,
  3. Apply on the edge of a step adapter,
  4. lubricate the seal tube and the inner sleeve portion.

CONNECTING corrugated pipes DN / ID AND DN / OD to the shaft

For corrugated pipes DN / ID of the shafts made by means of a clip ID, which is a pit, and then without problems rebrastjo hose DN / ID is connected.

For corrugated pipes DN / OD shafts are made with the coupling OD, which is on the shaft and then no problems with rebrastjo pipe DN / OD connect.

Making additional grounding connections shall be made as follows:

a.) Mark Center,
b.) make a crown drill hole,
c.) clean,
d.) Install the inlet seal and apply some lubricant soap,
f.) with a lubricating soap grease also the pipe end, and the shaft sliding tube.

Height adjustment shafts

Shaft adjust the height of the terrain so that it with the hand saw to saw off the marked lines. Alternatively, the shaft extension are welded to the shaft, which shaft is increased by 250 mm.