Tank is easy to install, has excellent  statics and can be buried underground.

Plastic cover has a seal which makes the tank waterproof. Cover is fixed with four staonless steel screws. Standard cover has loading capacity up to 0,2 kN/m2.

Inflow and outflow opening sizes are prepared according to customer requirements (1/2’’,3/4’’, 1’’, 2’’ for water distribution or PVC hoses from DN50 to DN 400 for influx, outflux and tank overflows).

Additiona equipment: seals, pumps, filters.

    Can adjust the height of tank during installation. (size: Ø600 x 500 mm)
    Inflow and outflow pipes can be installed (up to DN160 mm).
    Easy to install beacuse of its flat bottom. Tank is constructed with great statics.
8.00062542680 x 2310 x 23103206008-14
12.00062503760 x 2310 x 23504006008-14
18.0005200 x 2310 x 23506506008-14

  • 8.000l
  • 12.000l
  • 18.000l

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