Tank is easy to install, has excellent  statics and can be used as an above or underground tank. Its shape allows installation on rocky surface, terrain with high groundwater.

Plastic cover has a seal which makes the tank waterproof. Cover is fixed with four staonless steel screws. Standard cover has loading capacity up to 0,2 kN/m2.

Inflow and outflow opening sizes are adjustable depending on projects requirements (1/2’’,3/4’’, 1’’, 2’’ for water distribution or PVC hoses from DN50 to DN 400 for influx, outflux and tank overflows).

Additiona equipment: seals, pumps, filters.

    Is designed like a screw so we can adjust the height of tank during installation.
    Inflow and outflow pipes can be installed (up to DN160 mm).
    Easy to install because of its flat bottom. Tank is constructed with great statics.
3.5006703Ø2310 x 12101776008-14
5.0006707Ø2310 x 16102176008-14
7.5006701Ø2310 x 2295 3376008-14
10.0006700Ø2310 x 29804006008-14
  • 3.500l
  • 5.000l
  • 7.500l
  • 10.000l

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