The principle of SBR lifting technology
All movement processes are performed by air lift pumps. The air compressor is very durable and quiet, it provides air to the aeration plate on the bottom of the tank. The distribution of air in the individual pump processes is realised via the control.

Holiday mode – The SBR waste water treatment system can be adjusted to changing conditions by altering the cycle times. The system can also be switched to holiday mode.

Plug and play system – Installation is very simple. We provide you plug and play system that suits the level of outflow waste water.The air pressure hoses and the
corresponding connections to the system control are colour-coded. This avoids installation errors.

Low maintenance costs – The LCD display shows the operating hours of the individual devices. Any power failure is indicated with alarm. All components installed in such a way that they can be exchanged very easily.


  • Certified to European Standard EN12566
  • Superior performance rating
  • No mechanical or electrical components within the plant
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Manufactured under the procedures of ISO 9001 and 14000 (Quality and Environmental Standards)
    All airlift pipes are installed on integrated division wall
    Indoor/outdoor cabinet for system control with air compressor and valve unit.
    Is designed like a screw so we can adjust the height of tank during installation.
  • 4 PU
  • 6 PU
  • 8 PU
  • 12 PU
  • 18 PU
A x B x C (MM)
3.50042080 x 1800 x 25506008-1263
5.00062450 x 1800 x 25506008-1291
6.50083180 x 1800 x 25506008-12132
8.000102680 x 2310 x 2830400/8008-14186
12.000123760 x 2310 x 2830400/8008-14202
16.000164840 x 2310 x 283019608-14298
18.000185200 x 2310 x 283019608-14298

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