Roto at Gregors fair

This weekend Roto presents its Agri, Garden and Water products on the Gregors fair, the agriculture fair in Novo mesto, close to the Croatian border. Plastic products in attractive exhibition bud on the Volvo truck which Roto has also to deliver products to the customers, impressed many visitors.

ROTO TANKS, to storage water at DHL logistic center in Vienna

Today ROTO is instaling 40000 and 45000 L polyethilene water tanks Roterra in one of the biggest logistic center DHL in Europe. Water will be colleted and storaged for fire protection system. Roto moulded underground water tanks are installed paralel and connceted with PEHD pipes. Firefighting water tanks ROTO are manufactured according DIN 14230. System with pipes is fully factory pre-assembled and installed on site according the project. Water for fire could be rainwater or drinking water. In areas where hydrant installation is in very expensive and technical demanded, the ROTO fire water system is the best solution. More on